Friday, July 8, 2011

A Dream of Being a Fitness Babe

You see many a gorgeous fitness babe anywhere you go. Their faces grace the covers of your favorite magazine every single month or endorse your favorite snack bar on the boob tube and on those humongous billboards lining up the highway. You would read news about them on the internet, how they have come to be the goddesses that they are today and you will follow their accounts of all the excruciating steps they have to go through to achieve a body that simply any woman would die for. And yes, it is only human to be green with envy and to question why some people are just born downright lucky!

Of course, there is no way you can compete with them, they are the modern-day Cinderellas who rose to fame via their illustrious modeling careers or are born with a golden spoon in their mouths with distinguished royalties for parents. There is simply no way you can imitate, or afford the kind of lifestyle that they lead. A cream-of-the-crop fitness trainer in the plushest of gyms in the city, there is simply no way you can afford the same service and membership.

But do not despair, you can be a fitness babe in your own way, minus denting your lifetime savings or your measly monthly stipend.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Learn from the masters – observe and read about these personalities and make your own version of their lifestyle, replacing an expensive gym membership with one that fits your budget or with super saver fitness video which you can try to do at home.

  • An inexpensive celebrity diet – if you cannot have access to the pricey menus and meals that this celebrities have, make a saver version of them by substituting bits and pieces of their diets adapting to what is readily and easily available to you that will not hurt your budget so much.

  • You are a fitness babe in your own way – there really aren’t any rules written in stones about how to be one, so you can make your own version.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fitness Babe: How to be one

Jessica Alba will no doubt be the epitome of a fitness babe, simply look at her bodacious body and you’ll know exactly why. And did I tell you she is a mother of a toddler? Yes, add to that loads of tasks and works that having a toddler entails, but I don’t think those will stop this Fantastic Four star from staying fit.

So you wonder how she does it and if you will ever have the same level of fitness to be a certified fitness babe?

The nitty-gritty

The thing is, if you will ever be a fitness babe, there should be one thing that drives you – your mantra – and that is to get that to-die-for body and to keep fit, stay in shape, get those muscles toned and rid of those unsightly flab on your legs and thighs, or in your midsection.

The Jessica Alba way

Of course every bit of a good thing comes with a price, in Jessica’s case it includes long hours of working her beautiful butt off the gym to keep her heart pumping and she does this by doing circuit training. This currently emerging type of workout includes:

  • 60 jumping jacks
  • 15-20 pushups
  • Walking lunges
  • Spiderman climb
  • Wall squat
  • Planks
  • High knees

These are all done in rapid succession, without pause. You have to continue doing the round of exercise even if you feel fatigued. You only rest for 60 seconds after each circuit. Not only that, you have to do it all over again for 3 times, by the way. On top of this, Jessica also does 20 minutes of cardio exercises, which by the way, is not only good at eliminating all those fats and calories, but is also a sure-fire way to rev up one’s metabolism. The outcome, a bikini body you only wish you had and lots of unforgettable bikini moments on the beach come summertime. Now wouldn’t that motivate you enough?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Understanding Muscle Toning

More individuals are increasingly aware and becoming health conscious especially women. Despite of the growing attention on weight control and diet programs, the incidence of women being obese still continue to rise. One of the common issues after losing weight is the wobbly arms and for many women it is annoying during sunny weather where sleeveless is the most likely option to wear. Ditching out the wings is another story.The trick is how to tone and shape that excess skin that sag and fail to tighten, thus no longer looking like the fitness babe you want to be.

There's a bunch of surgical treatment and procedure available for a permanent solution. The choice is yours whether to go with it or just do with exercise program that targets the specific area of your body and that fits your physical needs. It means try to exercise the body part that needs more of your attention. Before you begin and even trying to tone and shape your muscles with lifting weights, always remember that doing so must be under the supervision or you have consulted a personal trainer.

Going to a gym may be a good idea but doing home workouts is just comparable, as long as you stick to it with consistency and have the commitment to pursue your goal of becoming a fitness babe.

Fitness experts always give advice that training all the muscles in one day is not recommended. In order words, don't exercise the same body part in one day.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Benefits of being a Physically Fit Individual

Physical fitness is the key to happiness in life is true to its words. There are many benefits when you are physically fit. And being fit physically means having a good self-esteem. Being physically fit makes you confident and lets you have a happy disposition in life.

According to health experts, a physically fit individual is happier than an unhealthy one. Because having a physically fit body means having a healthy mind. Physical fitness prevents various diseases because having a healthy body means having the capacity to fight bacteria and infections and raising the individuals defenses against sickness.

Many people nowadays are more prone to sickness because of unhealthy lifestyle and having no proper diet aside from not doing exercises. And these things lead to early death or may cause depression and anxiety to an individual. These things can be prevented when people have open mind and accept the fact that physical fitness needs to be a top priority in life.

There are many benefits of being a physically fit individual, such as:

  • A physically fit individual has a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • A physically fit individual develops his strength, endurance, flexibility and agility.
  • A physically fit person has a good posture and they have less risk from osteoporosis.
  • Being physically fit means a decrease of depression and anxiety and will improve the happy disposition of the individual.
  • Being physically fit reduces and controls body fats stored in the body.
  • Being physically fit increases energy level of the individual and more energy means more happiness.
  • A physically fit individual defies aging.
  • Being physically fit increases the level of confidence and self-esteem.

Knowing these benefits makes everybody wants to have a physically fit body. Being physically fit makes a woman a fitness babe and be admired by people in both sexes.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Making of a Fitness Babe

Every woman dreams of having a body fitting to define the word body beautiful. It is no easy to get those slim cut arms and toned legs. As you turn the pages of a health magazine, you always goal to flaunt that physique same as a fitness babe.

Well, bear in mind discipline is most important factor to achieve that amazing body. Regular exercise means having to visit the gym or, say, to engage yourself in routines on a timely basis. It is not done in an impulse. It needs dedication to do the exercises as scheduled because your body will only shape if exposed to regular activities. You cannot have that body beautiful overnight.

Next, hold the control for appetite. Eating a balanced diet could hardly be done when you crave for the junk foods around you. Put your mind set on healthy foods. Once in a while, treat yourself out of deprivation. After six days of leafy and no-oil meals, then, you might want to celebrate with a mousse chocolate cake at the last day of the week. Remember, a balanced diet does not mean reducing the food you take but it is on the right choice of food you consume. To add, sufficient water intake is essential to keep the level of body fluid sustained.

Never put yourself into stress when you are in the process of transformation. Be patient as getting the body of a fitness babe involves hardwork and focus. So, good luck and after a few months, make that heads turn on you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Raising Metabolism

Some of us (if not most) aren't going to question when we have a sudden weight loss. In fact, were just as happy as can be to get rid of those excess fats on the side. Aren't you?

Unfortunately, it is so sad to say that a woman's metabolism slows down as they age, in fact, by 2 percent every year. Oh no, you are doomed. But there's always a solution for every problem and there's something that you can do about it to be that fitness babe you always dream of.

Primarily, women's metabolism slows down as they age because of the loss of muscle mass and increase in fat. So it does mean, building muscles is essential and it is the main goal in increasing the metabolism since our metabolism is partially affected by the amount of muscle in our body. The bottom line is that an increase muscle mass, is an increase in metabolism as well and it allows the body to burn calories quicker and faster.

There goes the relationship between increasing metabolism and sudden weight loss. It is easy to say but how can you build muscle mass?

There are several things we can do in a daily basis such as:

  1. Eat regularly. It is important not to skip breakfast. Contrary to the belief that in order to get some quick weight loss you skip it. But in fact, skipping the first meal of the day slows down your metabolism in order to compensate.
  2. Build muscle by lifting weights 2 to 3 times a week. Just a quick reminder that this should be done with the supervision of your personal trainer or fitness consultant.
  3. Get active. Walk as much as you can. Your body needs to exercise at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week. You can spread out your exercise regimen if you can't do it at once. Walking after strength training even burns more calories.
Coupled with patience and dedication, it wont be too long for you achieve what you really want.